The focal bead for this bracelet is a sterling silver metal bead. There are a number of wonderful sterling silver beads from Bali that you could use. You can also use glass beads. Click onto the Gallery button to see what you might do for a focal bead for your bracelet.

This project uses the Econo Winder. It could also be done using the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo. The first part of this project is to make two long cylinder beads with wire.
1. Cut two 7 foot lengths of 24 ga sterling silver wire

2. Wrap the wire around the coiling loop of the second thinnest crank rod that you found in your Gizmo kit (Figure A).
3. Crank the coiling rod until you run out of wire and snip the wire as you see at the indicated point in Figure B.
4. Snip the wire at each end of the coil (Figure C).

5. After you have snipped the wire on both ends of the coil, slip a 20 ga wire into the coil spring that you just made.

6. Wrap the core wire around the coiling loop of the thin crank rod as you did in Figure A. Then coil the 20ga wire six times around the crank rod.

7. Look at Fig D. Pinch the core wire just below the spring. You have to do this so that the spring won’t slip as you coil.
8. Crank the rod so that the spring begins to climb over the rod as you see in Fig E.
9. When all of the coil spring has been coiled onto the crank rod, make six more turns around the rod with the 20 ga wire as shown in Figure F.

10. Slip the coil off of the crank rod and snip the wires at each end as you did in Figure C..

11. Go through all of the above steps to make a second cylinder bead..

12. Slip a 16 ga wire through both coils with the Butterfly Barrel bead in the middle, as you see in Figure G. Measure 5/16” from the end and make a right angle bend.
13. You need to make an eye on each end of the 16 ga wire. Use the fattest part of the round nose pliers. Grab the wire as you see in Fig H.

14. Turn your hand clockwise and complete the eye as you see in Figure I. Make another eye on the other end of the bracelet.