This bracelet can be made very quickly. It also looks very cool.
STEP 1—Cut seven one foot lengths of 24 gauge wire.
STEP 2—Fasten a 16 gauge welding rod into the chuck.
STEP 3—Using the one foot length of wire, make coil springs out of each piece of wire. Be very careful when you get to the end of the wire. That little end piece can cut your finger easily.
STEP4—Go into the end of each spring with your flush cutter and cut the little tail so that you can have a clean look.

STEP 5—String the coil springs onto a 20 gauge wire as you see in Figure CS-1. After you have strung the springs, make a right angle bend on the end of the wire.
STEP 6—Push the wire into a space between a space in the jaws (Figure CS-2)

STEP 7—Make 8-10 coils with the bare wire as you see in Figure CS-3
STEP 8—Pinch the mother 20 GA wire below the coil spring as you see in Figure CS-3. Start coiling and the spring should start coiling over the welding rod (Figure CS-4).

STEP 9—Keep coiling until the coil spring has become a bead. Then add 8-10 coils with the bare wire as you see in Figure CS-5.
STEP 10—After you have made the coils on the left side of the bead, make a bead out of the next coil. Keep coiling the springs. After you have coiled three or four beads, the welding rod will become unstable. Open up the chuck and shove the beads that you have already coiled into the chuck after you have opened it up. Tighten the chuck down on the beads and continue to coil until you run out of coil springs.

STEP 11—Snip off the wire on the left side of the last bead that you made. (Figure CS-6) Loosen up the chuck and then slip the bracelet unit off the welding rod. Then go into the coil as you have done before with your flush cutter and clean up the end of the coil. Flip it over and do the other end. Please note that in Figure CS-6 four of the seven beads are inside the chuck.

STEP 11—Slip a 16 gauge wire into the bracelet. You have several options. You can make a hook at one end of the bracelet and an eye on the other end. The other option is that you can make eyes at both ends and then use a swan clasp for the closure.