This bead was made with the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo.

STEP 1—Coil a 24 gauge wire around a 20 gauge wire. Make the coiled part five inches long.
STEP 2—Snip the tails of overlay wire that are left and clean up the sharp pieces of wire.
STEP 3—Wrap this section around an 16 gauge welding rod. (Figure DW-1)
STEP 4—Thread an 18 gauge wire though the piece that you just coiled.
STEP 5—Put the second to the smallest rod into the chuck.
STEP 6—Make a coil with the bare wire as you see in Figure DW-2

STEP 7--Pinch the mother wire below the coil and start to coil the coiled part. Continue to coil and then coil some of the bare wire. Snip the 20 gauge wire and bend the end of the bare wire to make a right angle bend. (Figure DW-3)
STEP 8—Slip a smaller rod into the chuck. Decrease the diameter of the ends of the bead. (Fig DW-4)

STEP 9—Pull the bead away from the chuck. Unwrap it a little while it is still on the rod. Pull it off of the rod and snip the ends. Monkey with the shape some more so that a bead will fit into it as you see in Fig DW-5 (next page).
STEP 10—Slip the glass bead into the space you have created. (Fig DW-5 & Fig DW-6)
STEP 11—Push a 16 gauge wire into the opening on the left of the wire bead and continue through the holes of the glass bead and the other end of the wire bead. (Fig DW-7)
STEP 12—Make eyes on each end as you see in the completed bead.