These are made with the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo.

1. Cut two 2 foot long pieces of 24 ga wire.

2. Using a heavy duty side cutter, cut a two to three inch piece of a welding rod that is 18 or 20 ga. Do not cut this with your flush cutter; it will ruin the tool. File the burr from the end that you cut. Insert this rod into the chuck.. Fix your 24 ga wire by slipping it into one of the slots in the jaws of the chuck (Figure A).
3. Make a coil spring using all of the 24 ga wire (Figure B), and remove the coil

4. Reach your flush cutters into both ends of the spring and snip off the excess wire (Figure C).
5. Insert the smallest jump ring rod into the chuck. Run a 20 ga wire into the spring you just made. Slip the 20 ga wire into a slot in the chuck as you did in Figure A. Coil several coils with the 20 ga wire. Pinch the 20ga wire at the base of the coil spring as you see in Figure D

6. Coil to the end of the spring and then make two additional coils with the 20ga core wire (Figure E).
7. Cut the core wire at the left end of the bead. See the example in Figure F. Slip your short welding rod back into the chuck. Slip the bead onto this rod as you see in Figure F. Note how the tail is slipped into the slit between the jaws.

8. Grab the bead with your left hand as you see in Figure G. As you turn the crank slowly, magic will occur. The diameter of the end of the bead will decrease. Pull it off the rod when you have finished and turn the bead around to do it on the other end. Cut off the ends of the wires with the flush cutter.
9. Slip a 20 ga wire into the bead as you see in Figure H.

10. Next we are going to make a Celtic coil. Start by making a small coil at the end of the 20 ga wire with your round nose pliers. Figure I
11. Use a chain nose pliers to finish the coil (Figure J).
12. Finish the Celtic Coil as you see in Figure K.
13. Snip the wire at the other end and make a small circle with a round nose pliers on the other end. Figure L

14. You can either use a purchased ear wire or make your own. The best size wire is 20 ga. Make an eye on one end. Wrap the other end around one of the points of a round nose pliers. Snip it at the desired length. File down the rough end very carefully; rough ear wires will lose you customers!

You have many options for shaping ear wires. Use your imagination and have fun but test them out to be sure they are comfortable Attach the ear wire to the wire bead. Make a second one and you have a very unique pair of earrings.