The secret is out. You can make a matching set of ear wires very simply. Here is how you do it: STEP 1—Hold two pieces of 20 gauge wire in your left hand. (Figure EW-1) Cut the ends of the wires so that the flush cut is toward the wires
STEP 2—Take a round nose plier as you see in Figure EW-2 and grab the two wires.

STEP 3—Grab both wires with the tip of a round nose pliers as you see in FIG EW-3.Turn the round nose pliers clockwise so that you have formed an eye. (Figure EW-4)
STEP 4—Figure EW-5 shows the eyes that you made.

STEP 5—Grab the two wires at the fattest part of the round nose pliers as you see in Figure EW-5. Turn the pliers clockwise.
STEP 6—Do some final shaping by hand so that the two wires match.

STEP 7—Snip the two wires at the same spot with your flush cutter. (Figure EW-7)
STEP 8—Grab the two wires as you see in Figure EW-8. Take a chain nose pliers and make a slight bend at the end of the ear wires.

STEP 9—Put one of the ear wires on your bench blocks for work hardening. Hit it with another bench block or a chasing hammer. (Figure EW-9)
STEP 10—Nothing is worse for the person trying to hang them on their ears than an ear wire with a sharp end! Cup burrs are little files that are shaped like saucers. Insert the end of the ear wire into the cup burr and twist it to take off the sharpness.

Attach your wires to the design that you created and show off your handiwork to the world.