How do the Gizmos work?
All of the units are hand crank machines.

The Econo Winder(pictured below) will only make coil springs. A core wire then is inserted into the spring. You have a number of options available to you for this spring. The Econo Winder can make springs as long as ine inches. The simplicity of this tool is deceptive. There are endless projects that can be made with it.

Can I take a look at the instructions for the Econo Winder?
Take a look at the Econo Winder instructions--

What kind of metal can I use in the Coiling Gizmo?
The Coiling GizmoŽ works with all kinds of metal: Copper, Brass, Silver, and gold

FOR A REAL TIME SAVER get a rock tumbler and put steel shot in it with burnishing soap in water. Several hours of tumbling will shine up the surface. This treatment will also shine up any metal quickly and easily.